Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The State of Upness

We’ve been working on manners with the little dude for a long time, and it occasionally pays off.

“Milk! Milk!”
“How would you ask?”
“May I have some milk, please?”
“Yes, you may.

“I want a cookie!”
“I don’t hear anyone asking nicely.”
“May I have a cookie, please?”

Now and again, he wants his dad to pick him up for a piggy back ride.

“UP! UP!”
I make eye contact with him, indicating that he knows how to ask.
“May I have up, please?”

Close enough.


Mom101 said...

I love "may I have up please"!

I remember when Thalia was two and used to play in this tunnel thing. Nate would roll it back and forth with her inside saying, "Whoooa! Whoooa!" Then he stopped, and she poked her head out, looked at us and said all pouty:

"More whoa."

Mayberry said...

When I was a kid, I used to call getting picked up "up please"!