Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Small Happenings Blogger

Silicon Valley Moms Blog hosted a topic day on Diversity last week, and I hadn't intended to participate. I generally don't post about harder-hitting topics, and it was already a busy week. Then fate intervened in the form of some board books I read to Buster, and I couldn't help but write on the bone-headed result. You can read contribution on the African-American Boo-Hoo baby here.

Afterward, I read the posts from other contributors, and I was a little embarrassed. You know how I wrote about being a small happenings blogger, and not a Big Event blogger? Everyone else seemed to write weighty soul-searching essays, and I wrote about a picture book.

Well, I guess I know my niche!

What does this look like to you?

It appears to be a size 4 hoodie that I bought half-price at the Mervyn’s close-out sale, but it could be so much more. Q-ster is always pretending to throw back the hood of a Jedi robe before he launches into a lightsaber battle, so I was thrilled to find a brown hooded jacket.

“Look honey, I got you a Jedi robe!”
Sadly, he informed me that everyone knows Jedi wear DARK brown robes, not light brown ones, and refused to put it on.

So, I guess it’s just a hoodie. Here's to hoping Jedi fashion changes before he outgrows it.

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Mayberry said...

Hey, there's room for everyone in the blogosphere, right? And I agree with your title over there. Diversity has to start with what we teach little ones.