Monday, November 24, 2008

One Damp Duck

The micro dude enjoys gnawing his duck rattle lots. It’s become so saturated with drool that we could probably wring it out and irrigate a few drought-stricken countries.

In these economic conditions, it makes sense to think of how everything can be re-purposed, but I suppose drool is taking it a bit too far. At the Company, everyone has been asked to turn in their corporate credit cards, eliminate travel, and otherwise behave more frugally. I noticed that this week, all the lights switched off at 5pm, requiring that someone manually turn them back on. That probably saves thousands of lightbulbs a few hours of use every day.

During the last downturn, I remember some witty cubicle dweller posting a notice informing fellow employees to not leave their desks, as it would reduce carpet wear. If they didn't drink liquids during the day, there would be fewer bathroom trips, saving time and increasing productivity. Also, they should try to breathe less frequently, as that would lessen the need for air circulation.

It’s good to get a laugh while you can.

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