Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ma Ingalls, Watch Out

I’m totally like those plucky pioneers this weekend. They cured and salted pork, harvested and canned their own crops, filled their cellars with supplies to cook all winter. And me? I made a trip to Costco and brought home warehouse-sized packages of organic meat at warehouse prices to separate into meal-sized portions in Ziploc bags for the freezer. I even labeled and dated the bags. OK, maybe not just like the pioneers.

After a morning of holiday gift sewing projects and an evening of food prep, I’m feeling very domestic. It seems like everyone is writing about meal planning and how to save time and money with various cooking strategies. We’ll see how this goes, but I figure it can’t be worse that realizing at 11pm that there’s no food in the house for the next day.

I even hauled out the baby food book that’s been sitting idle since we got it. Buster’s first month of solids is going really well, and after throwing an armful of prepackaged jars into the shopping basket last week, I thought about making our own mushed veggies.

Q-ster is such a good eater that I’m afraid of ruining it by being too repetitive in our meals. He’ll even relish vegetables that both SwingDaddy and I dislike (Squash! Zucchini!) We’ve been incredibly lucky and want to encourage him as much as possible. I guess it’s finally time to grow up and figure out this whole cooking thing.


Bob said...

He's got an enviable appetite.

Mayberry said...

I have completely lost all will to cook lately. It's a problem!

Skinny Girl said...

You HAVE to try that site that Mir wrote about. Relish? I am using it and LOVING it. I can't remember if you cook but it is awesome.

Momma to LG said...

Damn, Skinny Girl is me. Now my secret is out.