Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just Like Duck

“Hey kiddo, we’re going to go vote. Put your shoes on.”

“What’s a vote?”

“We’re going to vote for president.”

“Like Duck for President!”

“That’s right.” Once again, showing the power of fiction to help explain real life, we re-read our favorite story about how an ambitious fellow went from humble duck to running the farm, from winning the election for governor to being the first duck President of the United States. We read it two times, by request.

What a sigh of relief as the polls started to close tonight. I was so steeled against disappointment after the last two elections that I scarcely believe we have an intelligent, progressive, hard-working president-elect who believes in the equality of people. So much that I’m not disgruntled about election results trumping the TV schedule and the Dancing with the Stars results show being postponed to tomorrow.



Mayberry said...

We all have to make our sacrifices ;)

ewe are here said...

I have a wee boy who would love to vote for a duck, or as he calls them, 'quack quack'.

appleseed said...

I am still sporting a perma-grin after last night! I made the boys stay up an watch . We had the color in map and everything. What fun. I wish there were still polls here, all voting is done by mail around these parts. Jimmy would have understood more if he could have watched the traditional voting process, I think...

Leeanthro said...

Duck just happened to win an election in our home. News at 10:00. (Actually in the coming days!)