Thursday, November 13, 2008

Galactic Dance Festival

We’ve enjoyed a bizarre yet delightful combination of Q-ster’s interests lately. Where once he did nothing but dance, and next he played nothing but Star Wars, we now have both!

First he does an elaborate dance with an imaginary Princess Leia. Then I must join him in a Jedi dance as Obi-wan flips across the floor. I totally wish that Robot Chicken spoof of “Empire on Ice” was real, because we’d buy the little dude a ticket faster than you could say “singing Wookie.”

Today, he caught me off guard, describing green guys that dance with axes. I immediately imagined some central European folk dancers. I’ve seen many German troupes in green variants of lederhosen.

And the occasional Polish or Czech group with axes.

But no, it turns out that the Star Wars Lego game features Gamorrean guards that dance with their axes. My education never ends.

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Mayberry said...

It's just so sweet how he's picked up on Mommy's and Daddy's interests and made them his own.

Oh and big green guys with axes are sweet too!