Monday, November 03, 2008

Dullness and Gratitude

It’s been a couple of grinding days through paperwork. Saturday night, we read all the remaining election material – every candidate, proposition and measure, and prepared our ballots. Sunday night, we scoured our company health care plans to see what far-fetched ideas they’d incorporated this year and how to best manage our medical, dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts. Tonight, we balanced checkbooks, paid bills, and reconciled credit card accounts.

Not much fun. But it was a good reminder to be grateful that in this increasing conservative country, I can vote, as an ethnic minority and as a woman. That I have access to health care for my family. That the bills are still manageable. Yep, we’re pretty lucky.


Mayberry said...

Our ballot was super simple this year. It still feels like a very big deal every time, though!

ewe are here said...

Lucky indeed.