Sunday, November 16, 2008

Click, Click, Click

That family photo session left a bigger impact than I imagined. Q-ster’s been squirrelly about posing for pictures for a couple of months now, so I was pleasantly surprised when he was so cooperative with the photographer. Now he wants to be a photographer, part time of course, when he’s not working as a Jedi.

I was sitting with Buster in my lap, when his big brother came over to join us. He leaned his head against mine and hugged Buster. “Smile for the picture!” he said. After we struck a series of poses, he stepped away from us, picked up a toy to hold as a camera, and directed us to smile again. “One more! Click, click, click!”

Then he came over to hand over a pretend CD of pictures to me. The modern digital child knows how this is done. (Although, our photographer did use film for half of the photos, which will be coming by mail in a few days.)

Here’s a photo Q-ster specifically requested that I take of him and Buster today. And below is an outtake from last week’s shoot, when I was trying unsuccessfully to extract Buster’s fingers from his mouth. I meant to post it that day, but sleep got to me first.

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Leeanthro said...

I love the candid shot!

My 4yo has been giving a really strange smile for pictures that is not her natural smile. That's *if* she will look at the camera.

And who knows if the 18mo is going to sit in one spot for our portraits.

Which I haven't even scheduled yet! Ugh! I usually get them mailed by t-day and we haven't even had them taken.

Oh well, one can only do so much!

Mayberry said...

The outtake is great--I bet the real thing is wonderful!