Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That Extra Six Inches

I’ve always felt that a full-size (double) bed was just the right size for SwingDaddy and me. We’re not huge people, and it’s not like I’d want to be far from him anyway. When the time came to replace the bed I’d purchased right after graduation, we decided to upgrade to a queen. Everyone said it was the thing to do, and since our new bedroom was much larger anyway, we bowed to peer pressure.

Ya know what? They were right. After a night in a guest bed that’s a regular full-size, I found that that extra six inches are invaluable (hey - no dirty thoughts here!).

I can usually convince Buster to sleep another hour in the morning if I bring him to our bed, and that extra half foot is his. In the smaller bed, I have to balance on my side and hope that I don’t snooze enough to roll out the side.

In other news, the tooth count is now two!


Mayberry said...

It is amazing how much those few inches can mean, isn't it!

Christina said...

Having a queen size bed, I will never be able to comfortably go back to a full size.

And maybe someday a king, so I can really stretch out in bed!