Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sitting in the Dark by the Side of I-5

It all started so well. Last week, we loaded in the car for a 450 mile journey. Driving through the night has gotten harder, but we figure it’s better than having a child sleep all day in the car and be wired at night upon arrival. Little did we know that too much sleeping in the car was not going to be the problem.

Not long after our evening departure, I realized that mobile access to Twitter would have made the trip far more entertaining.

What I would have written:

First road trip as family of four! Took photos to commemorate departure. Hopefully, baby will sleep peacefully. 5:30pm

Wrong kid falls asleep. 5:45pm

Stopped for scheduled dinner break. 3 year old won’t eat his ‘greasy’ chicken nuggets but eats mom’s healthy chicken sandwich. Weird. 6:30pm

3 y.o. asks why we’re eating in the car. “It’s an adventure,” I explain.6:35pm

On the road again! 6:40pm

One exit later, pulled off road. Baby screaming. Take baby out of car seat. Now he’s happy and smiling. 6:45pm

Back in car, drove three exits, more baby screaming. Now in Casa de Fruita parking lot waiting for baby to calm down. 7pm.

Still at Casa de Fruita. 7:20pm

Baby fell asleep! 7:50pm

Had to pull baby thumb out of his mouth to get him into car seatbelt, woke him up. 7:55pm

More wailing. Still sitting in Casa de Fruita parking lot in the dark. 8:15pm

Still here. Husband takes 3 y.o. for walk. Comes back with taffy. 8:30pm

Baby asleep! 8:45pm

Second car seat insertion fails. Sitting in car in dark with grumpy baby. We’ve been here for forever. 9pm

Baby asleep! Successfully buckled up, and driving away. 9:30pm

Everything is quiet in the car. Trying not to jinx anything. 11pm

Stopped for gas. Boys woke briefly but fell back asleep. Holding breath. 11:30pm

Arrived! Ready to be spoiled by grandparents. Whew. 4am

We had a fabulous week with my parents, visiting the Wild Animal Park, Legoland, and attending a wedding. The return journey involved a few stops by the side of I-5 for Buster to chill out and fall sleep, but we made it home safely.

While SwingDaddy got Q-ster to bed, I staggered up the stairs with Buster and lay down on the floor of the bedroom, too tired to shower or put him in his crib. I woke up on the floor a few hours later, face to face with a cooing baby. Now, you’re happy!


Desiree said...

Yikes! I guess this is something for us to look forward to very soon. :)

Mayberry said...

You are brave souls. Very very brave.

ewe are here said...

Road trips with children are insane. I keep thinking a soundproof partition between the front seat the the back seat would be a brilliant idea. heh heh

Bob said...

So Glad you made it.
Otherwise we would miss all the fun.

Mamacita Tina said...

Road trips with young ones, ugh. We've done quite a few ourselves, but only day time riding for us.

Manufacturers need to come up with a solution for the unfortunately event of having to put a sleeping, finger sucking baby back into the car seat.