Thursday, October 16, 2008

And So It Begins

The reason why there are two photos in my reunion post is that there wasn’t a single shot where both kids were looking at the camera with at least a neutral, if not happy expression. It makes me wonder exactly how successful our annual family picture attempt is going to be, now that we’re adding Buster to the mix.

To put that in perspective, you must see Chris’ family photo retrospective, where one sees the challenges of seven, even if they’re really photogenic cherubs.

I was so pleased with the photos from the autumn of Q-ster’s newborn year that I’d like to try the same look again – neutral colors for all of us, the better to bring out our faces. I found new shirts for both boys a while back, but I’m thinking I might cheat and just have SwingDaddy and me wear the same sweaters as last time. With the cuteness and/or face-making of the dudes, no one is going to be looking at us anyway, right?


YF said...

the family photo session is always a good time! :-)

Madame A said...

so you think you can top our attempts to have a family photo taken of my nine siblings and myself when my parents were away on vacation to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary? We never even made it to the photographers because the 10 of couldn't agree on what to wear. Had to call and cancel the appointment.

Mayberry said...

Definitely wear the same sweaters ... no one will notice your clothes, just the cute little boy faces!

Mamacita Tina said...

I dread family photo sessions. The last time I took the kids in for portraits, they ran around chasing each other instead of sitting for the photographer. We are going to attempt the four of us in a picture soon, ugh.