Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Who’s Your Fairy?

If you could have a little supernatural assistant who could make one niche of your life go perfectly, what would you want?

John Scalzi featured a new book today by Justine Larbalestier called, How to Ditch Your Fairy. I’ve never read anything by that author, but this one definitely sounds entertaining. Every person in the book has a fairy that has one trick that benefits its owner: Some fairies allow you to always have a good parking spot, others make all the clothes you buy fit you just right, and so on.

Scalzi goes on to ask, if you could choose, what would your fairy do? There are over a hundred comments to his post already, and it was fun to scan them. Some folks are requesting something too big, like the “extra hour” fairy. It ought to be a minor thing that doesn’t bend the laws of physics, break the law, or change the world too much – this is a personal fairy, not a ruthless god.

Scalzi himself wants the “Where the Hell Are My Car Keys” Fairy. Other good ideas in the comments included the “What is My Password to this Website” fairy and the “Which is the Fastest Line?” Fairy.

It’s tempting to ask for the “Never Get Barf on Your Clothes” Fairy, but that’s sort of short-sighted. The baby years will pass, and then it’s not going to be useful on an hourly basis (unless you’re still going to frat parties). I think I want either the “Remember Everyone’s Name” Fairy or the “Know When Batteries are About to Die So I Bring the Charger With Me” Fairy.

How about you?


Mayberry said...

Hmmm, I really like the password one! Or how about a go-to-bed fairy that prompts me to go to bed at a reasonable hour--early if a child is going to wake me up in the night.

kittenpie said...

Right now I'd totally be thinking a breastfeeding fairy! But as you say, that is short-lived, so I think a housecleaning fairy. If it could only be one aspect of cleaning, I'd say a Things In Their Places fairy, for sure.

Lara said...

i need the "tasty and healthy food always at hand" fairy.

oh, wait, that's called a personal chef. hrmph.

Bea said...

I think I have the learning-students'-names fairy. I've got all fifty down pat after only a week, but in all other areas of life I'm completely TERRIBLE with names.