Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What Happened to Halloween?

I took the little dude to the fabric store over the weekend to begin scouting materials for his Darth Maul Halloween costume. I was so excited to sew for my kids – it’s so mommy-like.

We sat down at the long pattern table and started flipping through the pages of costumes. Something has changed about Halloween. In my rough estimate, about ten percent of the costumes were for children, ten percent were historical costumes, five percent were matching dog-and-owner getups, and the remaining three-quarters of the pages were variations on slut-wear.

There’s the always popular trashy French maid. The pirate wench and the sexy gypsy, even lady vampires. Those are all expected. However, I was surprised by how many other forms there were. The fairy-s1ut, the doctor-s1ut, the clown, the Grecian, the Alice in Wonderland in naughty form, and even a bad-ladybug (really). Good Lord.

Fortunately, Q-ster didn’t ask any questions about why the women in the pattern book (pattern book! Not slattern book!) weren’t wearing much. I’m not at all opposed to playful clothing, but I hadn’t realized how much the focus of the holiday merchandise had changed, at least for the craft market.

Star Wars costuming will begin in earnest another weekend. In the meantime – the first day of school photo!


Mayberry said...

pattern/slattern -- points to you for that one ;)

He is going to be so cool as Darth Maul!

wayabetty said...

Check you out Lady M! So talented and everything!! Can I put an order of Elvira (sp?) outfit for myself, with a lot of padding as well?

Qster is so adorable! He's growing up so fast!

Bob said...

Quite a step-first day in school, he looks happy.

Mamacita Tina said...

I don't sew, but I noticed the same thing when looking for costumes online for the kids.