Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Sent To You From My iPhone

How they grow. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of our range of car seats.

Left: Graco infant seat, fondly called the “bucket.” Originally purchased for Q-ster and now used by Buster.

Middle: Britax Roundabout, currently used by Q-ster in SwingDaddy’s car.

Right: Britax Frontier, installed this weekend for Q-ster in my car. The one pictured will go into SwingDaddy’s car.

There are a couple of friends who are contemplating car seat transitions, so here’s a side view picture too. Notice that even though the Frontier is a larger seat and will accommodate a child to the size I was when I got my driver’s license, it doesn’t feel like it has a bigger footprint, because the seat is lower and doesn’t hold the child in a tilted-backwards arrangement.

The Roundabout goes up to 40 lbs, so Q-ster can still use it for a while, but my sister alerted us to Britax’s annual sale this week, and we jumped on the Frontiers we’d been admiring in the ZRecs review. The little dude is quite pleased with his new chair. It’s much easier for him to climb in by himself, and he likes flipping the armrests down and knowing that he has his own cupholders.

In unrelated news, I’m over at Silicon Valley Moms Blog today, explaining how Steve Jobs Couldn’t Ask For A Better Pitchman than Q-ster.


Mayberry said...

You'll be glad to know our Roundabout is still going strong on kid #2, after more than 5 years!

off to read more about the delightful Q ...

Michele said...

Q and the iphone, boy I love that little guy. He always makes me smile. i wish my nephew could meet him, I think they would be best buds!