Monday, September 08, 2008

A Lightsaber of One’s Own

This blog has started becoming All Stars Wars All The Time, but why fight it?

The little dude has been passionately racing around the house waving various implements that he calls lightsabers – flashlights, a green drinking straw, writing utensils, you name it. We’re not willing to bring a toy lightsaber into the house, because stick-like items have a way of being brandished happily for a while, and then eventually turning to a path of destruction.

The answer? A plush lightsaber, of course! Q-ster and I went shopping for fabric on Saturday, and after he picked orange (not green!) as the perfect color, he helped me sew and stuff the saber with cotton batting.

Battling droids.

Using the force to repel enemies.

It is usually unwise to hug one’s weapon, but I suppose you can make an exception if mommy sewed it for you. He immediately requested that we make a blaster, and next a double ended saber, like that of Darth Maul.

In related news, I am horribly guilty of idle Star Wars commentary myself. SwingDaddy has a book with Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man on the cover, and I mused that “hey, it’s kind of like General Grievous.” Oops.


Mayberry said...

A light saber is our potty incentive. But it's not working. Maybe if we try the double-ended version ...

Alex Elliot said...

You made a light saber?! I'm impressed.

Mamacita Tina said...

A fabric light saber, PERFECT!!! Can't do too much damage while being swung around while fighting off sith lords.

Damselfly said...

You made.your.own.stuffed.lightsaber! I'm amazed! I hear Etsy calling!

Christina said...

That is awesome! We should compare sewing notes - I was just about to do the same for Cordy because she always wants to play with daddy's very expensive Master Replicas lightsabers.

It looks great!