Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Busted, but Definitely My Child

The prize.

The method of access.
I let Q-ster examine my new lip gloss while I put on makeup earlier this week, and he was fascinated. Bright pink in a squeeze tube, it was shiny and kind of like a light saber. Everything is, these days. After finishing up, I placed it on top of my dresser.

Later that morning, I hit a point in between conference calls when I heard water running in the bathroom. Very softly, very surreptitiously.

I walked over to check it out. The little dude was quietly washing his hands.

"Yes?" I raised my eyebrows.
"I'm washing my hands."
I didn't say anything else, giving him some more rope.
". . to get rid of the pink stuff."
"The pink tube from your room."
"Where is it now?" I asked.

I checked out the shelf where he said he'd left it. Sure enough, an open container of lip gloss, in a somewhat sticky tableau. I helped him dry off his hands and wiped up the spill.

"That's Mommy's. You need to leave it on my dresser."
"Oh, ok. I'll wait until you're at work."

Right. I explained that he wasn't supposed to play with my things at all, unless I brought them down for him.

It was hard to keep a straight face, especially seeing the series of step stools that he'd arranged to get to the goods. Plus, instead of getting busted with the contraband, I catch him cleaning up. He doesn't like to be sticky. That's my boy, says his hand-washing nut of a mama.


SwingDaddy and I have a division of labor in our household. On the space-time continuum, he's responsible for spatial, and I'm responsible for temporal. Consider that background for the next morning's story when I was driving Q-ster to preschool.

SwingDaddy usually does the drop-off, so I held a bright yellow post-it with scribbled directions in one hand.

"What's that?" asked the little dude.
"Directions to tell us how to get to school."
"Oh. Turn left here, mom!"

I told SwingDaddy later, and he said, "That's my boy!"


Bob said...

What a kid

Mayberry said...

"I'll wait until you're at work." Good one, Q.

Magpie said...

So ingenious! Not to mention clever.