Monday, August 18, 2008

Why I’m (Not) Glad to Be Me

At Home

Why I’m glad to be me:
Cute, cute baby giggles. Sweet baby smell.

Why I’m not glad to be me:
Same baby at 3am. And 4am. And 5am. And 6am.

Why I’m glad to be me:
Small boy flinging open door to greet me when I get home from work.

Why I’m not glad to be me:
Same boy flinging open bedroom door to greet the morning at 6:45am.

Why I’m glad to be me:
Husband crawling out of bed to handle toddler morning routine.

At Work

Why I’m glad to be me:
Exciting new project/market opportunity.

Why I’m not glad to be me:
Same opportunity difficult to focus, due to lack of sleep.

Why I am uncertain whether to be glad to be me:
Annual review with new boss tomorrow after a three month maternity leave.


Why you’re glad to not be me:
Unable to come up with charming punchline to wrap up post to explain that I’m really happy but in a sleepy sort of way, so must resort to non sequitur photo.

Based on this picture of my desk this morning, I am either
a) Fond of the color orange
b) Promoting the letter “C”
c) Fending off a sore throat


Mamacita Tina said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm sure not getting enough sleep is a culprit. Sending you wishes for a good night's sleep (or two or more).

Mayberry said...

Ooh. Good luck with the review, and the sore-throat battle.

Rugger Mom said...

We just went through a family cold here too. Not fun. LR gave the sniffles to the twins and then I caught it. Made for a tough week of less-than-satisfying sleep. Hope you fend your cold off successfully!

kittenpie said...

d) all of the above?

I am finishing up work this week and not sure if I'm getting a review or not... Reviews are nerve-wracking, even when you KNOW you've been on the ball. Bet you'll do fine and not need it, but best of luck anyhow!

Damselfly said...

Hee hee!

Hope your throat feels better.

Magpie said...

At first I thought those were Cheez Doodles. I think they're carrots. Oh well.

Feel better.

YF said...

Good one... I hope you feel better soon... Also, tips: 1. those little green mint things by Listerine that melt in your mouth really help a sore throat... 2. Listerine rinse or warm salt water (I am sure you know). #1 is easy to do and I swear by it...