Monday, August 25, 2008

Who Needs Gravity?

My college reunion is coming up in October, and what are my plans for the class year party? Cutting out and heading across the bay to see the America’s Best Dance Crew concert instead! Yes, it’s the second dance reality show performance we’re going to see this autumn. So sue me.

When I heard the Jabbawockeez were coming to town, I thought about how thrilled Q-ster would be to see them. However, it’s a notable drive to the concert hall, the show starts half an hour before bedtime, and it’d be a large crowded venue of mostly adults. In case he’s uncomfortable or unhappy, it’s a long trek home with a lot of wasted ticket money. We should keep taking him to live shows that are local, less expensive, and earlier in the day until he’s a bit older, I wisely and sadly decided.

Tick, tick. Hey, just he’s too young doesn’t mean that we can’t go! Fingers crossed for babysitting, but SwingDaddy have good seats to see our favorite b-boys – the Jabbawockeez and the newly crowned Season 2 winners, Super Cr3w. I’m going to have to practice making their handsign so that I can display my devotion appropriately. (The spaces between their fingers make an “S” – quite clever.)

In the photo at the top of this post, SwingDaddy is doing a dive roll while OceanBoy is doing a simultaneous dive roll above him. It was one of my favorite moves from a lindy hop/martial arts number we did a couple of years ago. SuperCr3w finished their competition with something far wilder: One of their boys did a jump roll over THREE other b-boys.

Can’t wait to see them.

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Leeanthro said...

Wow, you are one talented family!

I expect to see one of your crew on SYTYCD in about 15-18 years :)