Monday, August 11, 2008

Tin Foil, An Underrated Crafting Opportunity

I’m all for office picnics, but the announcement of ‘team-building exercises’ always make me nervous. The falling-backwards type trust exercises feel weird in the business atmosphere. This time, however, the organizers came up with a pretty entertaining plan.

We were divided into four groups, assigned a member of upper management, and given a bag filled with mystery items with which to design a superhero costume for him. Superhero name, powers, and back story were the other deliverables. Our group got a few pieces of cardboard, a roll of streamers, four fuzzy pipe cleaners, a pack of party-decoration stars, a roll of tape, and scissors.

While others got to work making some kind of boot by wrapping our superhero’s legs with tin foil and winding streamers around them, I freehand cut the shape of a shield out of cardboard, wrapped it in foil, and stuck a star on top. We taped a pipe cleaner loop to the back for a handle, and I added streamers to the bottom for some flair. It took about two minutes, and as you can see, wasn’t exactly art, but I preened over this goofy shield like I was some kind of genius.

I think I need to get my sewing machine set up again and start making stuff before these small successes get blown out of proportion. I’m already sketching plans in my head for a plush lightsaber that would please Q-ster without giving him a weapon that would do actual damage when being deployed around the playroom.

And our superhero? He turned out pretty well. One of the other team members had brought his cricket bat (yep, it’s a Bay Area tech company all right – just as many dudes play cricket as baseball), and once decorated with the requisite streamers, it made a good pairing with the shield.

Do any of you watch America’s Best Dance Crew? I finally caught up with last week’s episode and was distressed to see that among the final three, my favorite two crews were pitted against each other. Sniff. They should have been the finale duo, but we lost the ever-so-entertaining Fanny Pak. Bizarre, but really, really creative folks. My favorite routine of theirs was a prom theme were they started dancing sweetly in 80’s teen formalwear until the punk rock chick “spiked” the punch and they became Thriller-esque crazies. I might actually have to vote this week - Go Super Cr3w!


Suzanne said...

Oh, I don't like those team-building exercises at all. Just the thought makes me turn into a Generation X slacker.

But I love your shield!

Mayberry said...

We use pool noodles for light sabers. (Outside, though.)

I agree -- nice shield!

Mamacita Tina said...

Two minutes is all? Impressive.

kittenpie said...

I generally hate organized fun, but that actualy soudns... fun. I'm guessing there was some Dilbert-esque snideness about the superpowers of managers?