Thursday, August 21, 2008

There Goes My Heart

Or two-thirds of it, at any rate.

I took SwingDaddy and Q-ster at the airport yesterday to embark on a grandparent visit. I did not expect to feel this bereft.

The little dude know his lines well already.

Me: Oh boy, you’re going to ride a plane.
Q: Two planes!
Me: Have a good time!
Q: I’ll miss you mommy.

Awww. And then he adds comfortingly, “But you’ll be ok with Nanny.”

I sent him a letter to receive at his grandparents’ house, and he promised to write me back. Any stalkers who plan to locate me by the amateurishly tended rosebushes while the big boys are away should be warned that our house is still well occupied, including two Doberman pinchers and a pit bull, collectively known as Cerberus.

The micro dude has stepped up to the plate and kept me fully occupied so far. He’s working on his grins.


Mayberry said...

That's a great idea, sending him a letter!

kittenpie said...

AW, it's weird to be in your own house without all its occupants. Hope you wont' be too lonely.

Bob said...

Good to see micro dude's grasping feet.

Waltzing with Widgets said...

That's a wonderful shot of the half-hidden smile.

Mamacita Tina said...

I love that you sent Q-ster a letter!

Buster, you melt my heart with that smile.

wayabetty said...

Oh boy, check out that smile! He's adorable Lady M!