Sunday, August 24, 2008

Second Child Syndrome

They say that the second child doesn’t get as many photos. That’s not the case around here, because I have a better camera now than when Q-ster was a baby. However, Buster definitely gets less ‘cognitive stimulation exercises’ and such, because we’re just trying to make sure than his big brother doesn’t do a somersault and land on him.

While SwingDaddy and Q-ster have been away, it’s been baby bonding time all weekend. We cuddled, we giggled, we were darn obnoxiously cute. I thought two seconds about Baby Einsten type flashcards, but passed it up for a mommy-baby joint nap instead. (Although the micro dude doesn’t really nap much. Two twenty-minute naps between 8am and 5pm? Some adults need more than that.)

I did play him some Mozart to make up for some of my slackerness though. Do the Competimommies award you more points if the music is live? Haha.

I also finally had the time to work on his blanket. I know that you can’t dictate what a child will pick as his lovey/security item, but one can certainly try to influence it in a small, washable, duplicatable form factor. The teacher to our Moms Group said that her daughter became attached to a full size quilt, which meant that it came with them whenever they traveled, even though it took half a suitcase on its own. She suggested providing our babies with a selection of smaller items and hoping for the best.

When Q-ster was a baby, I bought two soft blankets and cut them in half to make them baby-safe, which also provided plenty of spares. It took, and Blankie has been a night-time companion ever since. In the hopes that Buster will like the same, I bought two (sealife themed!) blankets last winter, and they’ve been waiting for cutting and hemming for months.

(For those who don’t have young children: The current safety trend in parenting is to not give blankets to babies in order to reduce risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome due to suffocation or poor air circulation. They’re supposed to sleep in little zip-up sacks or sleepers until they get bigger.)
I set up the serger and sewing machine for the first time since we moved and got the octopus blankets all ready. The light blue hem on the left is mine – not totally straight, but close enough. One side of the blanket is blue and the other is covered with little sea friends.

So far, so good.

These blankets had me thinking about Q-ster’s baby Halloween costume (an octopus, of course), and how Buster can probably wear it this year. That would mean we’d have a small Sith lord and cephalopod to take trick or treating. We’ll have to make sure that the octy doesn’t lose any limbs to a light saber.

In the tradition of semi random tags: Did you ever watch the scene in Star Wars II (Attack of the Clones) where Obi-wan and Yoda are in the training room with the children practicing with their light sabers and think that it seems like a very dangerous idea to practice light saber technique in a whole room full of novices?


Mayberry said...

Watch out younglings!

That top picture is amazing.

Bob said...

Good writeup, looks like micro dude is holding a light saber with two hands.

Mamacita Tina said...

So many distractions around this household! It took me only two days to read this post, ha.

You dance, play piano and sew, you are one talented mommy!

Buster and Laurel need to go trick-or-treating together, she wants to be a mermaid.

Damselfly said...

Love that photo at the piano!

We have the same sealife blanket.

wayabetty said...

That is a great photo Lady M! I love pictures like that, not posed you know. And check you out! I love the blankets.

All my 4 kids have never been attached to anything, which is good, b/c I can't imagine them being so upset if we forgot to pack it or lost it somewhere.