Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Calling All Octopus Marketers

Famous bloggers have statements about how they handle product reviews and their policies on receiving and discussing items from PR teams. Heck, Stefania even has a whole blog titled, CityMama’s Stuff People Send Me to write about the deluge of free stuff.

Ever since Kristen gave me a shout-out at the BlogHer Commercial Momosphere panel, I feel I should be prepared. As a co-founder and editor of Cool Mom Picks, she features products that are unusual, “indie,” and made by small, mom-founded companies. If she’s pitched something that doesn’t fit CMP, she’ll sometimes forward it onto someone who would appreciate it, such as a site that does more mainstream content or a particular niche. “For instance, Lady M likes octopus things.”

Woo-hoo! She and Liz have kindly sent me cute links for years, and here is an alert to the certainly thousands of purveyors of cute sealife products on the marketplace that I’m a connoisseur and would be happy to review them. Thanks, Kristen!

A few notes to ensure the success of your product.

Realism or biological accuracy is interesting, but not very cute. For example, this wall decal would be nice for someone else, but it’s not so much my style.

Anthropomorphic cuteness, that’s my thing. Like this card:

Or these pillows.

Favored creatures: Octopi, Jellyfish (now called jellies), Starfish (now called sea stars), blowfish (still called blowfish, as far as I know), and of course, lobsters and crabs. And vegetables too, but perhaps that’s considered a separate market.

Yes, I'm strange, but you knew that already, didn't you?

In other news, the little dude’s vocabulary continues to grow. He was examining our bathroom counter the other day and said, “Mortar!” SwingDaddy explained that yes, mortar was what builders use to hold bricks together, but the substance between tiles is called grout.


Grout has never had a soft spot in my heart, but gwout definitely does.


Mayberry said...

Next up: Anthropomorphic home improvement products!

Mir said...

Monkey's current favorite shirt is the octopus with the teddy bear. ;)

Alex Elliot said...

Send the other ones my way! My son is totally into ocean life and it needs to be realistic ocean life. No, octopus with 6 legs for us.


I'm amazed by the sheer quantity of free stuff that ends up in blogger mailboxes. Those lobsters are so fun!

I love your blog design - who did it for you?

Good luck on the Little Einsteins giveaway on my blog!

kittenpie said...

Grout is just not a pretty word...

And me, I'm all about reviewing BOOKS. Books, I can do. But just think! You could become THE destination for people seeking octopus merch!

Mamacita Tina said...

Language becomes much sweeter when it comes from the mouths of babes.