Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Dope, So Buck, Ya Feelin’ It?

We love us some TV dance contests around here, and critiquing the judges is as much a part of the fun as watching the dancers.

Bruno, the excitable Italian judge from Dancing with the Stars, is always good for a florid mixed metaphor, occasionally featuring poorly veiled innuendo. “Last week you were the proud rooster and now you are merely a feather duster!”

From Lil’ Mama of America’s Best Dance Crew, we learn that no dance is good if it’s not “keepin’ it real.” We ask ourselves, of course, how the highly artificial TV environment with contrived, rule-bound weekly challenges could be in any way construed as “real,” but whatever, we’re “feelin’ it.” It does make us want to teach our next Victorian era class with an emphasis on keepin’ it real while executing a precise varsouvienne in mazurka waltz.

Lil’ C’s described his krump number on So You Think You Can Dance as “buck!” Great dance, but he lost us on the slang trail. Perhaps it means cool? Hot? Aggressive? Flashy?

Shortly after, we heard Shane Sparks evaluate a dance crew’s effort with “that’s good, but it ain’t dope.”

I looked at SwingDaddy, and we said simultaneously, “But is it buck??

Not that we would be able to agree or disagree, even if we got an answer.

For other dance junkies who are feeling a little behind the times in terminology, Television Without Pity posted a great interview of Shane Sparks. Among other things, he describes the origin of the term “B-Boy,” which was cool (and dope) to learn, and also a description of popping that doesn’t help me at all.

“And poppers, that's a whole 'nother world. Poppers are the ones that are upstairs. It's upstairs and downstairs. Downstairs are the breakers and upstairs are the poppers.”

He’s planning some project that will bring clarity to all the kinds of hip hop dancing, and I’ll be first in line to hear it. If it’s buck, that is.


Bob said...

Good comments on people making up words without a video example.
The judges should have a video example shown whenever they use a word like that (Buck, Pop, keeping it real, B-boy or B-Girl, hip-hop )

Leeanthro said...

I love a good dance contest!

What cracks me up is when Nigel says that someone wasn't hitting it hard enough in their krump routine.

And that Tabitha is a little white girl who choreographs the hip hop routines.

Maybe poppers do more with their arms (upstairs) and breakers do more floor work (downstairs)?

kittenpie said...

I have to say, I've watched some krumping tutorials and battles and can't quite seem to pin down what makes for a good move. I mean, I get what the basic moves are and such, but every now and then the crowd will be all, "Ooh! He just been SKOOLED!" and I'm nto seenig what was so different than the other guy's turn. Somehow breaking seems to require a bit more flair or something.