Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Preggo and New Mom Product Winners and Losers

I’ve been meaning to do this forever. For the expectant mother:

Winner: Candied Ginger from Trader Joe’s
Kept my nausea in check through many a meeting.

Winner: Topless Undershirt
A kind of tube top worn underneath regular shirts as they “grew shorter.” Kept my growing tummy warm!

Ambivalent: Snoogle Maternity Pillow
Helped position my body more comfortably, but also almost strangled me a few times. Probably better for those who like firm pillows.

Loser: What To Eat When You’re Expecting
Tried one recipe (bran muffins) when pregnant with Q – whole wheat flour, wheat germ, sweetened with applesauce, the whole nine healthy yards. Absolutely disgusting. Threw them out and never opened the book again.

For the new parent:

Winner: Miracle Blanket
Added an hour of sleep each night. Yay!

Winner: AmbyBaby Hammock
Cozy and cradling. Baby’s motions set the hammock into a gentle rocking.

Winner: My Brest Friend
Wonderful nursing pillow with truly awful name. More supportive than the Boppy.

Loser: Baby clothes with complicated snaps and buttons up the back. Unless they have extraordinarily cute sealife decorations.

No disclosures to make, since these are just my opinions. No company gave any freebies.


kittenpie said...

I did try that BRest Friend pillow once when trying to get Pumpkinpie to nurse adn thought it was great, too. And also hated What to Expect, but read it for info and the Girlfriends' Guides for the opposite end to keep me sane. This time? No readnig. Who has time?

For me, though, the tube thing is useless, I have such a short torso I am lamenting how all the maternity shirts are so long they get hung up on my big bum. and Ginger was not enough this pregnancy - I came instead to associate the nausea with the ginger, so it was no help. Sigh. Maybe some day I will like ginger again.

Mamacita Tina said...

Not many know about My Brest Friend, but I sure did. So comfortable.