Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Pee Detective

What do you do when you find your small child in the hallway outside his room, completely naked except for one sock?

A couple of weeks ago, I heard SwingDaddy and Q-ster arrive home from an outing, yelled out a hello, and emerged from the baby’s room after I finished feeding him. There was the little dude, saying, “I can’t get my sock off.”

Ummm. I started quizzing him. “Were your clothes wet?”
“Did you pee on them?”
No answer, just a request to remove his sock.

I picked up his clothes and sniffed gingerly. They didn’t smell funny. I helped him get into a fresh diaper, shorts and t-shirt, and he went on his merry way.

Later I pieced together the story with SwingDaddy. Q-ster had gotten sweaty, sleeping in his car seat, so he must have wanted to change clothes while his dad was still in the garage, putting away toys.

Well, now we know that he's perfectly capable of removing his clothes and diaper, even though he always claims he needs help.


Karianna said...

Ah, see my story is that mine peed *on* his sock. (For the record, socks can hold a lot of pee.) Glad to hear there was no pee in yours.

brendaj said...

That picture reminds me of what I was doing this morning in my workout!

Mamacita Tina said...

Nice surprise!

kittenpie said...

Mine claims to need helping getting on tshirts and socks, but i know she can do it... I think there is a tiny piece of them that wants to hold onto being the little kid and getting us near them and coddling them, even as they are proud of growing up.