Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Hostile Makeover

I’ve never been skilled with cosmetics on the best of days, but I never knew how many ways I could be wrong about make-up that I wear, I mean, in which I “invest.”

The Silicon Valley Moms organized a cool make-over and photo session for headshots last weekend, and what a brilliant idea that was! I’m sure that many moms are in the exact same position of having approximately 95% of their photos feature their children, 4% showing their husband with the children, and 1% containing blurry images of themselves chasing the children. When a website or social media site requires a picture, there’s not much to use.

I arrived at Fancy Department Store and mingled with fellow bloggers, admiring the fine view onto Union Square and listening to the happy buzz. Soon it was my turn. A make-up artist sat me down and began working on my face. I should have been warned by her complicated blue eye makeup that this wasn’t going to be the usual friendly experience.

She systematically inquired about each product I used and insulted it.

I invest in Clinique moisturizer? Tragic.
M.A.C. foundation? Very bad for my skin.
More Clinique for eyeliner? A very poor choice.

Makeup Lady played up the merits of the Big Italian Designer makeup line she used and how investing in a better skin care regime would keep me from looking old. As she finished, she asked which items she could ring up for me immediately.

I usually like to purchase at least a small item when I get a makeover, since the artist has spent that time with me. The moisturizer seemed pretty good, so I inquired how much it cost. She looked askance at me – needing to know a price? How pathetic!


For a small container of cream? No wonder she considers it an investment. This line was out of my league. I have to pay for preschool, after all. When I told her I would need to think about it, she huffed and sent me on my way.

Fortunately, it sounds like the other makeup artists didn’t give the hard sell to my compatriots, and the photographer was a fun, friendly fellow. Here’s one of the better shots.

It’s time to think about whether to keep using my orange Japanese Fruit Friend, the dancing Lady M logo, or the new headshot for my Blogger icon. Or maybe a photo of that moisturizer.


Bea said...

I hate that sales-pitch element of getting a facial done. It's not so bad if it's a free makeover, but when I'm paying good money for a skin treatment, only to be grilled and tsk-tsked over my product choices? The last time I had a facial done the aesthetician halfheartedly started the shtick, and then suddenly said, "You know what? As far as I know, Clinique has really good products, and you don't have any skin problems, so I say if it's not broken, don't fix it. Don't tell them I said that though."

Mamacita Tina said...

$220, YIKES!

I wonder if I could make her faint by telling her I use Noxema and Cover Girl?

Leeanthro said...


You look fantastic.

I don't wear makeup and I went and had a consult at the counter at a major department store before my wedding. I bought the products so that I could recreate it. But I *never* wear foundation. I couldn't part with 40 bucks for a bottle that would be used only once.

The salesgirl was nice enough to pour some into a sample bottle. And she told me to just go to the drugstore and buy some mascara. That's what I call service.

I did buy the blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow. Which wasn't cheap.

Momma to LG said...

I LOVE your photos. Mine, not so great! BTW, I have heard MAC face stuff isn't good for skin because it has talc.

Mir said...

Good LORD you are pretty. That's a gorgeous picture of you. My husband asked which news program you anchor. LOL!

kittenpie said...

I hate it when they put the push on. But then, I generally hate makeover experiences anyhow, so I just avoid them unless unavoidable! Instead, I just ask about specific product types I'm interested in.

For all that, at least you came out looking fab as usual!

Damselfly said...

You look great! I'm sure you look great with your Clinique and MAC stuff too, though. How many people can really *invest* in a $220 moisturizer? Give me a break.

Lara said...

that's an excellent picture, M, but then you've always been incredibly photogenic. :)

Mayberry said...

I love the picture -- you're smiling beautifully in spite of the aggravation during the makeup session!

YF said...

That is a great shot, and your make up (I have to admit) ROCKS! But no, not worth the price. For sure. I have to laugh because in college I worked the Estee Lauder counter for a bit. I totally never came close to the hard sell, but I did tell people that I was wearing Estee Lauder when I was wearing Cover Girl. Hello, what can you afford when you work the make up counter? Btw, I would be honest today - but at the time I didn't think it was right to tell these "big spenders" that I would never pay those prices.

Julie Pippert said...

Loved meeting you!

LOL just a little about your experience, laughing with you I should say. Oh the CRITIQUE!

Snobbery just seems so exhausting to me.

The photo of you is gorgeous! You are gorgeous. And I think your banner should be the dancer tossing the vat of $220 cream flippantly over her head. :)

Rose said...

Are you kidding? She tried to sell you stuff? That was SO not in the spirit of the event. What a...
But your headshot looks lovely!

Stimey said...

What a beautiful photo! I was lucky enough to get a really nice makeup artist. She wrote down what she used on me, but barely even suggested I buy it. Thankfully!