Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still Life with Bottle Brushes

After reading a billion articles about BPA being a dangerous substance in plastics, we abandoned our old Avent baby bottles and replaced them with a Born Free set for Buster. The Born Frees have an accompanying pair of high tech cleaning brushes that rotate and fit the bottles exactly. Color = Yellow.

Then it came to light that my beloved Nalgene water bottles contain BPA, so Rugger Mom sent us a set of fabulous ceramic-lined metal Sigg bottles for Christmas. They're somewhat tricky to keep clean, but I didn't feel like shelling out for the special Sigg brushes until SwingDaddy's bottle started smelling suspiciously like algae. I ordered them. Color = Green.

Plus, we have a regular ol' dishwashing brush. Color = Red.

This all leads to a sink-side bottle brush festival that looks a little like overkill.

Other exciting news: Silicon Valley Moms Blog has a syndication arrangement, and my last post for them (What Part of Nursing Mother Makes You Say "Dry Clean Only?") got picked up! So far, my post has appeared in six papers, from the illustrious Idaho Statesman to the Charlotte Observer, Fresno Bee, and others. The byline just has my first name, so I'll need to decide whether to start blogging under my full name someday soon.


Mayberry said...

Hey, congratulations on getting your story picked up! Fun. (You could consider using your maiden name as a nom de plume. Wish I'd done that from the beginning.)

I like your bottle brush photo!

Leeanthro said...

Great job!

We, too, are overwhelmed with bottle brushes! But ours don't look nearly as artistic as yours.

Bob said...

The Still Life picture is fantastic.
I love it. The framing with the window, slant brushes in the square bottle vs the straight ones in the narrow round vase. The interplay of yellow, green and white brush tipped with red bristles. The optical distortion of the handles in the round jar vs the straight handles in the square one.
The reflection of the window on the counter and the mountain in the distance. Wow
I need a copy of this photo.

kittenpie said...

Cool! And I was finding with the maternity clothes the same lack of easy care in some - rayon? really? - or total easy care at the expense of other stuff like breathability or style - read, polyester. Blech. What are they thinking?

YF said...

M, that is sooo cool - about your article getting published! Congrats!

BTW, great photo - we too are now a Sigg family. also got a great knock off at Potterbarn - hope it is as good.

Magpie said...

My window sill looks a little like that! And we're not even doing baby bottles any more.

Mamacita Tina said...

A post appearing in six papers, that's terrific! Congratulations!

As for the bottle brushes, they're quite colorful! Almost a bouquet.