Sunday, June 01, 2008

Let This Marine Tell Ya Something

Perfect Post Award – 0508 This is going to be much shorter and less eloquent than I had planned, but the baby is sleeping really well tonight and I'm going to catch some winks myself. Can't argue with a sleeping baby.

It's Perfect Post time! This month, I award Gunfighter - a dad, tactical firearms instructor, and former Marine. He writes these excellent posts about the importance of involved fathers, ones that I would aspire to write if I were serious more often here. (As wife to the fully involved and child-skilled SwingDaddy, I'm appalled by articles and news stories extolling the virtues of moms at the expense of dads.)

However, Gunfighter's winning post is about a different topic, something that saddened and educated me, as our country continues to be at war. He describes how we treat our solders when they leave the service. In order to get medical care for their injuries, they'd have to go on medical hold for months, perhaps years. So instead, they live with the painful physical (and for some, mental) consequences of their choice every day. Their choice to defend and protect the US.

Visit Gunfighter, and see Lindsay and Kimberly for the rest of the Perfect Posts!

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