Monday, June 23, 2008

Led Zeppelin Lullaby

Stoplights have never been so stressful. Last week, we were driving home from Buster's two month check-up when he started fussing and crying. We picked up some speed and he settled down. We slowed for a turn and he was displeased. Stoplight. Uh-oh, much wailing.

I pulled out my iPod and searched for the one song that would calm Q-ster as a baby - an orchestral arrangement of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. It's a little odd for a lullaby, but as a parent, superstitions rule. For example, rocking the baby for exactly seventeen minutes before you set him down in the belief that it will magically allow you to get five consecutive hours of sleep. Not that anyone I know has done anything like that.

Kashmir totally worked, and Buster chilled out. I have strange little boys.

Buster's gotten smiley in the last few days, and time is just disappearing while I smile back at him. I hold him when I glance at the clock a moment later, thirty minutes just went by. He's also mastered the powerful and mysterious word, "GAH!" I'm not sure what he expects to happen, but it seems like quite the incantation.

I'm a little worried that he seemed to reject the bottle today, since I'm going back to work in not so many weeks. I'm attending a meeting tomorrow morning, so I hope he'll eat agreeably while I'm gone. Ack.


Mayberry said...

It's all about knowing what works, huh!

Rugger Mom said...

Good luck with that bottle! The Adiri didn't end up working for us, but maybe Buster will like it.

kittenpie said...

For us, it was the same CD every night while we danced her to sleep - part superstition, part conditioning. Hello, Pavlov!

Julie Pippert said...

That is an awesome picture...look at that little alert face, those eyes!

My oldest liked gypsy music, or traditional 6 string Spanish guitar.

And guess what? She still does!

The younger is a rocker. And a rebel. God help me.

Glad you delurked the other day! I will look for the orange smiley!

Rose said...

Are you bringing him to BlogHer? Can I request some cute baby snuggling time?
It's crazy, I know, but I already miss those days.

Oh, and I think there should be a special device given to new parents that allow them to change the lights. It's just too stressful to have to slow down at red lights. I think I've done permanent damage to my shoulder reaching back to stick my finger in the baby's mouth to keep her from wailing every time we slowed down.

Mamacita Tina said...

Oh that picture! So sweet.

I need you to post a pic of a wailing baby so I don't start thinking I need number 3.

Both my kids would relax when we ran the vacuum. You would think I had quite the clean house, but we just lazily let it run while standing still.

Occidental Girl said...

Yeah, I'm with you on the superstitions. It's what makes family, family. Maybe if you cut his food into octagons....

That is a great photo!