Monday, June 30, 2008

And Now I Look Like Tina Fey

I’ve been taking advantage of this time off from work to fit in a parade of appointments – OB (of course), dentist, annual physical, hair stylist, brow waxer, piano tuner, locksmith, charity pickups and so forth. Most recently, I visited the eye doctor and came home with new specs.

I love my new glasses – I’m sure I’m much smarter in them. Now I probably still look like Lucy, but with Tina Fey’s glasses.

Do any of you remember Timon and Pumba, the meerkat and warthog from The Lion King? When the baby lion runs away and is recued by the duo, they convince him that he’s going to have to start eating insects instead of hunting game if he’s going to live with them. The lion reluctantly slurps down some grubs, and admits that they are “slimy, yet satisfying.”

Q-ster loves that part, and it saved me yesterday when he was looking at dinner suspiciously.

“It’s a casserole, honey.”
He noticed the sauce on the broccoli. “Ga-WOSE!” (Gross)
“You can try it later, if you want.” About ten minutes later, he was willing to take a bite of the sauce-covered broccoli.

“Slimy!” He made a face and pushed the bowl away.
I thought quickly and replied, “Yet satisfying!”
He paused. And then he ate the whole thing.
Whew. Saved by a movie.


Suzanne said...

I got glasses similar to Tina Fey's a few years ago, and I wish I could look like her in them! I think I need highlights in my hair or something. Or a different face.

Congrats on the food achievement! I am always impressed at kids who will actually move beyond "Eww" to trying the food. Those kids don't live in my house!

Mayberry said...

argggh .... blogger keeps eating my comments. (On other blogs too.)

Anyway. I was trying to say that I'm glad Timon and Pumbaa saved the day!

Bob said...

Nice save, clever.

Karianna said...

"Slimy, yet satisfying"

The kid has got a career in marketing, I tell ya!

I LOVE new glasses. I used to be embarrassed about 'em, but as I've gotten older I've enjoyed experimenting with different frames and all that.

Mamacita Tina said...

Who would've guessed a movie would come in useful? Love it!

kittenpie said...

Good catch!