Monday, June 02, 2008

Aid Workers of NGOs (New Grandparent Organization) Depart Lady M Household

This morning, the last convoy of humanitarian relief workers pulled out. My mom and dad drove home, leaving us with the basis for a sound democracy, I mean baby-ocracy. Between six grandparents, we've had an amazing six weeks of care over the last seven weeks, making us the luckiest family on the planet.

Q-ster has thoroughly enjoyed all the attention, and it's probably good for him to have more quiet in the house for a while. He won't have quite as many potential treat-providers to play against each other in his dogged quest for another cookie or a later bedtime.

In other news, SwingDaddy is working around the clock on a project for the Company. The timing is somewhat unfortunate, since we're already not getting much sleep with the newborn, but the project itself is pretty darn exciting with the potential for Big Fancy Executives to pay attention.

I'm more accustomed to being the person with the crazy work schedule while he holds down the fort at home, so it's a challenge. Things are going smoothly enough so far, especially with Nanny J here on weekdays. I fully realize that plenty of stay-at-home moms take care of multiple children with no help for weeks on end, but they/you are better at this than me, ok?

I had my six-week postpartum checkup a few days ago, and I have 15 pounds to lose. That's five more pounds than I had with Q-ster, the first time around. I'm hoping that another five sort of melt away as I naturally get more active, but we'll see. In a delusional fit, I tried to put on my old jeans last night, and they were multiple inches from being zippable. I had to scold myself to not feel disappointed.

Well duh. Did I really think that I could be regular sized again without one single workout? That would have to be No. Hopefully, I can slip out to ballet class this week and start moving again.

Photo: While Buster is still sleeping in the baby hammock, his crib is free to store all sorts of sealife cuteness.


Mayberry said...

It's summer anyway ... who needs jeans!

(yes. I'm aware of what "summer" is like in the bay area but work with me here.)

K goose blog said...

good luck getting into a new routine... you will be back in your jeans in no time. I too remember the depressing trying on jeans moment post baby...

brendaj said...

I know how you feel about the visitors. We've just brought 3 of the grandparents back out for their second and third rounds of visits!

Binkytown said...

Seriously, I want to curl up in that crib and take a nap!

kittenpie said...

It takes time, silly. You didn't get that way in six weeks, either! I think the 9 up, 9-12 down routine is quite sensible, actually.

And I'm glad to hear you're pretty much in the swing of things. Being me, 6 weeks of help would be worse than none, but it sounds like it was a great thing for you!

Mamacita Tina said...

Wear those pounds proudly, they are the result of producing a wonderful being!