Saturday, May 17, 2008

We Have Spawned

This is so pathetically geeky, but here goes anyway. Once upon a time, I did a lot of work in Unix and coveted this fabulous baby outfit at, long before I was even sure I wanted kids.

Q-ster isn't quite facing the camera, but can you read it? It says CHILD PROCESS.

The day after we found out the little dude-to-be was a boy, I hustled to the website to place an order and discovered they were out of stock for all blue onesies. I was so disappointed. The smallest size was 4T, but I ordered it anyway. Today, he is big enough to wear it! A geeky moment four years in the making.

Because my blood pressure is going to rise if I retell any of the recent stories involving whining, refusing to use the potty, arguing about pajamas, or jumping on the bed, here's one more goofy anecdote instead.

Yesterday, I was changing into a summer skirt, in preparation for taking Q-ster to the library. "Is that a short?" he asked.

"It's a skirt," I replied.


I beamed back at him. He paused thoughtfully and said, "I go dancing with you?"

The little dude remembered that long ago, when SwingDaddy and I actually went out, I wore skirts for dancing. I'd be happy to go dancing with you, sweetie.


Waltzing with Widgets said...

Somehow I never thought of you as a geek, but anyway congratulations on not loosing your geek sense of humor!

Mamacita Tina said...

Now that's just the sweetest thing! Those cute moments are what save the little ones when they do those not so desirable behaviors.

So, I have bought stuff at Think Geek, what does that tell you about us?