Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Straight Through to Vegas

It's that time of year – time for So You Think You Can Dance, the best talent competition on TV!

The first weeks are best viewed in recorded form, so that one can fast-forward through the sad, deluded cases where people clearly incapable of meeting a professional standard embarrass themselves further with statements about their own prowess. Last week's tighty-whitey underwear guy and tonight's mentally absent "actress/financial advisor" come to mind.

I love seeing the truly amazing movers who are also smart and motivated. This evening's episode featured a street dancer who has been taking jazz and contemporary classes to broaden his base. Why don't more contestants do that? I was thrilled to see him get approved for the next round.

Oddly, even though there was an hour focused on their Salt Lake City auditions, the focus was hip hop and contemporary. You'd think there would be a flood of spectacular ballroom dancers, since Brigham Young University has some of the best ballroom programs nationwide.

Speaking of ballroom, I was thrilled that Kristi Yamaguchi won Dancing with the Stars. I've been a fan of her skating for years. Yes, there were a lot of skills she brought to the contest, but it wasn't a foregone conclusion that she'd win just because she was a skater. Not all of them have the kind of timing and musical rhythm that you need for ballroom, or even for all kinds of skating music.

The parents of Kristi's partner, Mark Ballas, must be pretty interesting. They also raised Julianne Hough (champion of seasons 4 & 5) and Derek Hough - three top notch dancers who are also innovative choreographers. It reminds me of Buddy Schwimmer's success through his progeny on So You Think You Can Dance – his son Benji won season two, niece Heidi was a finalist, and daughter Lacey was a finalist on season three. I partnered Buddy for a set of West Coast Swing classes a few years ago. Very uh, unusual and talented guy. Ask me about it sometime.

Is anyone else following dance on TV this summer?

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Damsel said...

Ohhh... I LOVE So you Think You Can Dance. I think it's WAY better than American Idol.

I'm just amazed at the talent that some of these people have -- that they can just MOVE like that.

I agree about fast-forwarding, especially on the two that you mentioned!

kittenpie said...

I have to say, I never seem to get into these competition-type tv series. These days, I'm prefering a good drama.

Graham said...

I agree about fast-forwarding. I wish they'd show us more of the good ones and less of the bad ones. Last night they showed a clip of Mary telling someone she was the best hip-hop dancer she'd seen yet, but we didn't actually get to see that girl dance. Grrr.

I'm also surprised that there aren't more people cross-training themselves. After three seasons, most people auditioning should have an idea of what they're getting into. If they're good enough at their own style to think they have a chance, they can afford the time to take some lessons in other styles.

Leeanthro said...

I love this show! It's one of the few shoes my husband and I watch together. Best on DVR (or VHS). I;m so excited it back on, though it has to take a back seat tonight since it's running against the finale of Lost.

Mayberry said...

OK, I'm asking!

You know how I feel about SYTYCD...LOVE. And will love more in a week or two when we get past these poor people who are just embarrassing themselves.

Yay for SV Mom Blogs btw ... clicking through next.

Crytal Dragon said...

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