Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Snot Factory is Closed

At least that's what I'm hoping. The household is mostly recovered from Plague Week, which was distinctly unfun with the coughs, fevers, and days when it seemed that my nostril was connected to an unseen vat of mucus. It's a new responsibility to have three noses to keep clean (fortunately, SwingDaddy takes care of his own and shares duties on two), but the unusually long illness was not punctuated with any trips to the ER, so we'll be grateful for that.

While clearing out a bunch of kiddie catalogs (you know the type, One Step Ahead, Sensational Beginnings, all sorts of education toys and wacky safety equipment), I found the perfect tool for last week.

Is the old bulb snot sucker not aggressive enough for you? Try Nasal Clear, the home aspirator, batteries sold separately.

Want to check if little Sally has a real reason to complain about earache? Buy your own otoscope.

Here's a really scary looking product. It's an anti-thumbsucking device that makes me think of those big cones they attach around the necks of pets to keep them from licking their wounds. I'm really curious if they've ever sold one.

This swimsuit with built-in floatation units worries SwingDaddy. It looks like a suicide bomber's vest in bright blue.

And to end on a cheerful note, I want one of these wooden stools to help me climb into our tall bed.
Should I get it emblazoned with "Lady M" or "Mommy?" It might be best to leave it blank so I can pass it down to one of the boys when I grow tall enough to not need it. One can dream.


Anonymous said...

the swimsuit with floaties works really well, but the boy we saw wearing it kept being called a girl.

Fourth Breakfast

Momma to LG said...

We have two friend that SWEAR by the nose sucker thing. With our next kid I am totally buying one.

Mayberry said...

There have been times when I thought it would be more efficient for me to have my own otoscope ... but I'd be scared to poke it into my child's ear!

kittenpie said...

OMG those are the craziest devices... Yowza. How insane a mother do you have to be to think they are a good idea? Of course, I stand by the old gross-but-effective snot-sucking method, so there you go. A different kind of insane, perhaps.

Mamacita Tina said...

Glad your family is better. My kids are battling a cold, going on a week now. What happened to 3 to 4 day long colds?