Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Napaholics Anonymous

Any minute now, I expect to hear a young voice say, "My name is Q-ster and I haven't had a nap in five days." Dude, you need that nap. You're happier when you nap. We're ALL happier when you nap.

Aside from non-nappage, things were healthier today for everyone except for SwingDaddy, so fingers crossed for tomorrow. I took Q-ster to his very first dentist appointment, where miraculously, he was perfectly behaved. We'd studied his "Trip to the Dentist" book the previous day and re-read it in the waiting room. Amusingly, we were reviewing the first page in the waiting room ("You'll sit in the waiting room until they call your name.") just as they called his name.

Both the dentist and hygienist were very patient, with friendly explanations, no sudden movements, and warnings before noises. Q-ster was somewhat intimidated by the large chair, so I sat down and he sat in my lap for the whole appointment. I felt better about the whole thing too, since I could hug him for reassurance (his or mine, not sure which).

Afterwards, we went to Jamba Juice to celebrate, and the other patrons laughed when I gave him the big cup while I took the small one. What can I say? The little dude likes his liquids. We both finished our portions and were satisfied.

In other updates, I had my first really successful experience with the baby sling! I was pretty awkward getting Buster into it (oops, leg dangling out, let's try that again . . .), but I persevered and got a good 40 minutes of him comfortably snuggled against me while I moved laundry and did other light chores with two hands. It's going to take more practice to get him situated quickly, but I can see that this is going to work and be worth the effort.

Now I just need to work on that pump again.


kittenpie said...

Good work on the dentist - we did the same, prepped her in advance, and for the first visit, she sat on my lap. She's had a couple more now, and it's been easy with that nice groundwork laid already.

And Pumpkinpie gave up naps a few months ago. It sucks, but we at least insist on quiet time for the same two hours - just down time for her to play or read quietly in her room. Once in a while, when she's extra exhausted, she'll nap a bit in there, but I'd say it's been about 4 or 5 times in as many months.

Mayberry said...

Oooh, it's a SAD day when the naps go away so I hope that doesn't happen for a very long time.

K goose blog said...

good luck with the pump... argh...

cute pic of jamba and great to hear the dentist went well

and good luck getting the nap back if it makes everyone happier

Mamacita Tina said...

Hurray that everyone's getting better. Hurray that Q-ster took a nap the other day. (We've been through those struggles, too.) Hurray on a successful dentist appointment. Hurray for a treat at Jamba Juice!