Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy To Be a Lifer

It's never been clearer to me than the last three weeks that I am not a Big Event Blogger. I don't recap and detail the huge, impactful things in my life. I am a small happenings blogger. I tell you about the silly song that my son invented while we were signing the escrow paperwork, or the television show we watched while waiting in the labor & delivery ward.

Each evening, I plan to write about how the micro dude arrived in this world, and instead, I prattle about some other little story. Until today, when I hit upon another Event, one that must be addressed: Mother's Day, or more accurately, what it means to commit to motherhood and parenthood.

As a new mom, I remember young, single friends watching the bustle surrounding the care of a child and them asking if I was ever off duty as a mom. I assured them "Yes, the baby takes naps."

Later, with a better understanding of how all-encompassing and perspective-changing becoming a mother is, I would joke "Yes, in eighteen years, when he leaves the house."

Now I realize that I was wrong both times. You're never off duty.

Thirty-plus years later, my mom and dad still arrive on my doorstep, bearing wisdom and hot meals, abundant patience and listening ears, and enough love for us all. And it's fabulous. I want to give that same love to my children.

Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. Much love to SwingDaddy's parents and all our family and friends who have sent their good wishes and support as we settle into our life as a family of four.

Happy Mother's Day.

P.S. The pictures are two sides of the same bouquet, to better show off the amazing roses that are sprouting all over our garden. We can't walk outside without tripping over a few.


Bob said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too. Our world is full of love.

Damsel said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!! I, too, am a small-events blogger (great description, btw)... I feel your pain. I have lots of things I think I "should" blog about, but end up writing about other things.

YF said...

goose bumps. So sweet and well worded. I was thinking of you today with the new baby C on this day. Happy happy mothers day!

appleseed said...

Happy Mother's day to you!

Damselfly said...

Tripping over roses like that? Lucky girl. I like those "small" moments, too.

Happy Mother's Day!

Mayberry said...

I have total Mother's Day blog block, myself. So I'll just wish you a very happy day and say thanks for all your stories--I love them.

Mamacita Tina said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful roses, and you have tons, huh? Awesome!

kittenpie said...

True, yo are never NOT a mother, though you may have more actual time to yourself on your hands again some day.