Monday, May 12, 2008

Does Anyone Have a Spare Tagline?

The very generic title that has topped my blog for the last two years has been serviceable, but I've longed for something with a little more something. Lady O wrote me a gift certificate for a blog banner (we did a lot of homemade gift certificates last Christmas, since we were both heavily pregnant and not excited to run around the mall), and the fabulous Secret Agent Josephine is designing something brilliant.

Along with the new design comes the question: Should I have a tagline?

A good tagline tells the reader a little about the content and attitude of the blog. A few examples:
Mayberry Mom: Raising Opie and his sister in the most wholesome town in America
The Bloggess: Like Mother Teresa, only better
A Mommy Story: Fairy tales are overrated
Her Bad Mother: Bad is the new good.
Mom-101: I don't know what I'm doing either

For the life of me, I can't come up with a tag that adds a succinct descriptor or is at the very least, funny.

Lady M: Writing whatever I feel like.
Lady M: Posting cute pictures when I'm too tired to write
Lady M: Dropping the "Nupboard" from my url because that was a temporary thing explained here.

If you have a suitable tagline for me, please, please share! If I use it, I will send you chocolate.

Photo: Totally unrelated to the post, but I promised to show my mom how the new cushions on the front hall bench look.


Damsel said...

I feel your pain, because my brain does not work this way. This is why mine is also very generic and BORING.

Anonymous said...

I'd never read the 101 tagline before. I love it!! We should come up with a tagline for ya. I'll think about it.

4th B

kittenpie said...

I had a contest that netted some good stuff. For yours, I'd consider something with cuteness, octopi, and dancing.

Dancing with octopi?
Cuteness on the hoof?

Meh, I'll think about it, because clearly those suck.

Mayberry said...

Ooh yes, I like kittenpie's suggestion. Something that refers to cute boys and cute sealife could work ...

I like my tagline, but feel I am stuck with it for all eternity to explain the name of my blog. It'd be fun to switch it up once in awhile.

Lara said...

how about "staying ladylike in the face of testosterone"? you know, since the boys so greatly outnumber you in your house now.

okay, probably not what you were looking for, but i found it amusing. :-P

Mamacita Tina said...

Laughing at Lara's suggestion, it's funny!

No ideas here, hope inspiration hits you square in the face. (meant in a nice way, of course.)