Saturday, May 03, 2008

Baby, Baby

From my vast experience and perspective of being a two-time parent for a total of nineteen days, here's my contribution to the virtual baby shower being held by Better than a Playdate in honor of Mrs. Chicken (fellow contributor to The Full Mommy), Chicky Chicky Baby (whom I gladly met last summer at BlogHer) and Her Bad Mother (one of my earliest, most fabulous blog heroes).

My advice about how to be prepared for the second child:
Get Help.

Ask for help. Accept help. Lots of helping hands are a good thing. Neighbors, friends, family, anyone who likes to hold a baby or play tag with a toddler.

SwingDaddy and I have been blessed with four eager grandparents taking shifts and two more on their way later this month, and our whole family is much happier for it.

If I were more coherent, I would write an inspiring passage about what it means to me when I see my children surrounded by love. Instead, please just pretend that you read something poignant, and I'll go feed the micro dude (again).

Best wishes to our lovely ladies and their second children!


motherbumper said...

Very coherent imo ;) Yes - help is so important, take it when you can get it. And go micro dude!

Mayberry said...

Absolutely! (Although "the help," aka Grandma, is what allowed my daughter to get peed in the face by her new brother. But it makes for a good story.)

kittenpie said...

Lookit you, posting stuff when you are still in the crazy time of new momhood! You totally rock. And me, I am planning to be shipping pumpkinpie up to grandparents the first couple of days so Misterpie can help me out, make him take a week off to continue to help, and keep Pumpkinpie going to daycare so I can nap and get the hang of things in the day. Help indeed.

Karianna said...

My family decided that since "the second is easier," they would simply forgo offering help. It was simultaneously enraging and amusing to see them compliment my ability to deal while denying me any help because "you're doing so well!"