Saturday, May 24, 2008

And On the Eighth Day, He Rested

The little dude took a nap today. Hallelujah!

It's non sequitur day.

Indiana Jones IV: Worth the twenty-year wait.

We slipped out to the theater for the first time since last summer's Harry Potter flick, while SwingDaddy's mom and stepdad kept an eye on the kids. Without giving away any plot points, I'll just say that Harrison Ford can still rock a fight and deliver archeological exposition with vigor. My favorite moment wasn't the usual swashbuckling - it was the goofy, loving expression on his face when Indy first sees Marion Ravenwood again.

It's also particularly cool that Marion adventures in rugged clothes and boots just like Indy, instead of screaming for help in rickety high heels.

Re-usable cloth shopping bags:

Usually, the problem is forgetting to bring them into the store and getting stuck bringing home more wasteful plastic bags. Not this week. Now that we're mostly using cloth, I've used up the backlog (typed "baglog" by accident first, quite apropos), especially the Target bags, which are large enough to line our wastebaskets.

No problem, I thought. I had to make a run for diapers and such anyway, so I'd bring home the purchases in a bag that I could use for the garbage. Except that I forgot and automatically used my cloth bag! Habits, habits.

Q-ster gives guidance:

I patted Buster, saying, "Let's get a burp, little guy, and then you can eat some more."

"Mama," says Q-ster, very gently and solemnly, like he's going to share some difficult news with me. "Mama, he doesn't talk."

After a huge dinner, I'm wondering how much food I can chalk up to nursing calories. I've promised myself that I won't step on the scale until my six-week postpartum checkup. The reckoning is coming.


kittenpie said...

Ha! Q is cracking me up with the sombre news.

And we still end up with bags because even though we have quite a good fistful of cloth ones, there are times when Misterpie will do a bigger shop and outstrip them or will just pick up milk on the fly without the bags. But we use them for garbage cans and green bin liners, for cat litter, and for giving away to the daycare for wet clothing containment in the toddler room, so they are getting used. It's nice that they tend to be at about a stable number these days, though, instead of piling up any new ones, so we're at about neutral.

And we saw Indiana Jones last night, too! it did okay, but I have to admit, it lacked a little of the swagger of the originals, I thought. And do you think they were setting up the young kid to take over and start a new series of them at the end there?

Mayberry said...

Y-E-A-H for naps!

Mamacita Tina said...

Oh, oh, we won't be able to see Indy 'til next week. I can't wait!

Q, you are wise beyond your years.