Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All Gone, and All to Come

The very last one broke today.

Q has clung to his one remaining pacifier (that he called "pup") for four months, and we've told him that it was the last one. He would solemnly repeat back to us, "Last pup. No more after this one."

Tonight, he accidentally dropped it into the toilet and wanted to wash it off, but SwingDaddy pointed out the various cracks and explained that the pup was broken now (whew). Q's immediate response was to ask, "Can I open the present?"

Grandma N had sent a package for him to claim after throwing away the last pup. Q trotted over to the shelf where it had been sitting for months and eagerly unwrapped a stuffed puppy. He hugged it and crawled into bed. When we kissed him goodnight, I told him how I'm proud of him, such a big boy. No more pacifiers, making progress on the potty training, sharing time with his little brother.

He's shyly asked to hold the baby twice now, and each time I've set them carefully together on the sofa, helping him hold the micro dude steady. It's wild to think of them as the boys, someday rampaging around the house, growing tweens who will eat through our refrigerator, teens who will wheedle for driving privileges, future men who will make life choices with what preparation we can give them.

Before I get too sentimental about this, I will remind myself that there are likely to be some rough nights ahead while the little dude gets used to soothing himself back to sleep without his beloved pup. With any luck, I'll already be awake feeding his little brother.


Mayberry said...

Oh wow! Keep us posted. We are right behind you (we were down to 2 last nuks, then excavated one more from the car).

Momma to LG said...

Damn! We are still on the "Sucky Train" I want to be done but have decided she won't go to kindergarten with it so I deal. Ugh!

Mamacita Tina said...

I love how you transitioned Q to giving up his pacifier. Gentle and loving, he seems good to go so far, hope so.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I remember when we finally tossed Hailey's last binky. A week later we found she'd stockpiled half a dozen behind the couch.


Bob said...

What a clever Grandma N. And how did Q managed to remember to open the present.

Desiree said...

What a sweet post. Hope he makes the transition smoothly and there are no middle of the night issues.

I think that was a great way to transition him out too. I will have to remember that in case our next one takes a "pup" (love that name).