Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's that Parking Space Worth to You?

By now, everyone's heard about the failed attempt to pass a Californian law allowing third-trimester pregnant women to park in spaces designated for the disabled. While it would certainly be convenient to have a "temporary disabled" placard this month, I think I agree with the ruling. Each individual experience is pretty different, and if you need the placard, your doctor can write a request to the DMV for you. (Note that I don't know how hard it is to actually get this accomplished, but in theory, it would serve the desired purpose of helping those in need.)

Although I get annoyed driving to the reaches of outer space, looking for parking at the office, and I'm a slower walker now, it's still manageable. There has been at least one time where I would have liked the nice, wide handicapped space, because I've had to turn the engine back on and re-park my car elsewhere, since the first space was too narrow for me to open the car door and squeeze my belly out the opening.

However, for me personally, the most important time to have the parking privilege would have been between 12-17 weeks, when I was horribly nauseated and the endless circling around the parking lot, going over what seemed like hundreds of speedbumps, made me feel sicker with every jarring landing. That would have been a priceless time to have the disabled placard.

As far as stores and malls having spaces designated for expecting mothers, I think that's a great idea. It's goes with the concept of family bathrooms at the mall or TVs tuned to the sports channel for the spouses of shoppers at Nordstrom – proprietors should figure out what will help attract and keep their target customers.

I've often looked for those elusive "stork" parking spaces, but have only gotten to take advantage of them twice over two pregnancies. One time was Babies R Us, where the entire clientele is eligible and there are so many designated spaces that you might as well not have any. The second time was during the holidays at the mall, when any and all parking was nightmare, so it was a happy moment to pull into the pink-signed space. I even took a picture of the sign to celebrate (above). Hopeless blogging instincts.


Mayberry said...

I had a similar experience -- I would HAPPILY relieve my 3rd trimester over the 1st or 2nd one ANY TIME.

Mayberry said...

Oops, I mean re-LIVE.

Momma to LG said...

Sometimes I wish they had spots like that for parent with kids 3 and under. Just getting across the parking lot is a task in itself and I just need to run in for a second! UGH!

Oh and on that note, Starbucks drive thru should only be for the disabled or people with kids. Damn lazy people, it is better for YOU if I don't have to drag my wailing kid into Starbucks.

Bob said...

Good idea.
Home Depot and Lows should reduce disabled parking spaces. Target, Walmart and Supermarkets should add expectant mother parking.

kittenpie said...

I love that there is expectant mother parking at Home Depot. ROCK! Because, you know, we actually spend a fair bit of time going there...

But I'm with you on timing, too - it seems unfair that when you feel the worst, people can't even tell you're preggy to treat you nice.

Mamacita Tina said...

Yes, taking pictures of things for possible blogging entries, it's in your blood now.

I think I used the pregnant parking space a couple of times at BabiesRUs. That's the only place I've seen it around these parts.