Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well, That Eco-Effort Didn't Work Out So Well

I finally got around to finding the perfect hand towels to match Q and Swimmy's bathroom. I know you're supposed to wash new towels separately, but it seemed like such a waste of electricity and water, so I threw them in with my own laundry.

The result? The remaining four items of clothing that still fit me are covered in teal fuzz. Great.

In more cheerful news, we joined a great playdate yesterday where Q traded paint pens cheerfully with TayTay and Nah and played marbles with buddy A.

I noticed that the little dude is picking up some goofy tidiness habits from my side of the family. He probably ate half a watermelon, slice by slice, standing at the edge of the doorway so that any drips fell outside on the concrete, instead of the floor of the living room.

I also receive a reminder each time I'm insufficiently careful washing my hands and get water spots on the mirror over the sink. "Mama, you made a mess!" and I have to wipe it up. I guess this is my own fault.

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Mayberry said...

Those are adorable. The towels and the boys.