Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Naps, the Path to Salvation

Overall, mommyhood is coming along easier now than the first time around. Still, it's amazing how fast I can go from being content and satisfied, holding a sweet-smelling baby with his full belly resting on my chest, to feeling the sharp loneliness of responsibility when he's expressing more demands. If he's hungry yet again, do I have enough milk?

Most of the excruciating pain of early nursing has passed already, but it's still complicated. If one is sufficiently sleep-deprived, a bit of spit up can feel like a personal rejection instead of being just what babies do. The day returns to sunniness after a nap (his and mine both), so I'm keeping activities pretty low key for a bit longer, even though I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything on our long to-do lists.

A bite-sized story to end on a silly note: All four of us were riding in the car together for the first time this evening, and SwingDaddy and I chatted with Q in the backseat.

Me: Can you see (the micro dude)?
Q: Yep
Me: How's he doing?
Q: He says, "ehhhh, ehhhh."

Truth in reporting, that's my boy.


Damsel said...

So glad to hear you're taking naps, too... That to-do list isn't going anywhere, and it can most definitely wait. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't need to be listened to!

Q looks like he's a great big brother! :)

Mayberry said...

Especially if that spit-up lands inside your only clean bra.

K goose blog said...

Totally remember those moments. Do you know how long we just worked to nurse?

Glad to hear the four of you are getting on so well. Love the pic of q pushing the stroller.

kittenpie said...

Save the lists - he's still so new! There's lots of time later for lists. Just get past the tough parts first, hon. Sounds like you are doing great.

Karianna said...

I found the second easier, too. But yes, still challenging moments. Best of luck. ;-)

Mamacita Tina said...

Those early days with Laurel, I thought she was a volcano, always erupting. I thought I would never be on time again to anything since I seemed to have change her and me another time before heading out.