Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Iron Chef Q

SwingDaddy and I have been watching a lot of the Food Network lately, as a mellow way to hang out when we need a break from whatever nonsense is keeping us running. One particularly amusing program is "Iron Chef America," which keeps all the high melodrama of the Japanese original.

The Iron Chefs appear dramatically backlit, dry ice billowing around them, while the challenging chef must call out his opponent. The host quirks an exaggerated eyebrow and declares that today's secret ingredient is . . . (suspenseful music) Ginger! Or Rabbit! Chocolate!

(Aside: SwingDaddy has seen one of the original Japanese versions where the secret ingredient was octopus. I was crushed when he told me, but he said it was ok – they were the slimy kind, not cute, friendly plush friends. It got me to thinking though – what if the secret ingredient was plush octopus? That would be a culinary trick indeed.)

We've only seen a few episodes so far, and to our great surprise, yesterday's show featured an acquaintance and fellow blogger as a judge! Pim from Chez Pim, speaker at BlogHer 2006, and former colleague at the Company, was there on TV, giving knowledgeable opinions on the fancy cooking. She quit her tech job a few years ago to do the food thing full time. I love seeing people follow their dreams and succeed.


Damsel said...

We are unabashed food network addicts, Jet and I. Good Eats is a favorite-- Alton Brown panders to my inner geek in that one. Yum. He's my TV boyfriend -- as my sister said, he talks about cooking AND science, which means that he TOTALLY speaks my language.

Mayberry said...

How cool is that! Iron Chef cracks me up. Especially the Japanese version.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I freaking love Iron Chef. The Japanese version is way better than the American one though.

The Iron Chef American host scared the crap out of me.

Crazy eyes.