Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I Don't Have Blue Eyes Either

We planned to take a "childbirth refresher" class at the hospital, a mere four hour session to recap the whole weekend of material we took as first time expecting parents. It was canceled due to low registration, so I figured I'd just haul out the pamphlets from last time and review. Because what would happen if I didn't study the material? I might not remember what to do and then the baby would never be born, right?

I'd forgotten some of the amusing things one comes across in guidebooks, even things published recently. One hospital handout in particular was definitely not written by someone who lives in the Bay Area. Quote: "All babies are born with blue eyes. It will be several months before you will know whether they will stay blue."

Um, can you say, "People of Asian descent?" I also can't imagine that "all" Latino or African-American babies are born with blue eyes either. Sorry, my eyes were brown from the very first day.

Also, in an area where less than 50% of boys (boys, not 50% of babies, mind you), are circumcised, the section on the procedure was also a bit heavily emphasized.

I find the discrepancies funny rather than offensive, but it does make me wonder if there are more serious inaccuracies that I don't recognize. I do, however, agree with the segment on how a new parent shouldn't expect to get a lot of sleep. Better go get a nap now, while I can.


kittenpie said...

You know, I have seen african-american babies born with blue eyes that go brown - dark, dark blue, though. It's true, what you don't know about other people's babies - I didn't know, for example, that african-american babies are often born with a lighter complexion than they will have a year later! It's fascinating, the ways people differ. Still, "ALL" might be a stretch!

I am happy to say I'm going to slip out on all prenatal classes, except that I think I will try to find a breastfeeding class in advance this time. Last time, the brithing class freaked me out so much I was more stressed than before! Sometimes, there is such a thing as TOO much information, you know? If I had known I would end up with a c anyhow, I would have walked out.

Occidental Girl said...

Yeah, it is pretty funny. A nap sounds like a good alternative.