Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Glories of Summer, Coming Our Way

It felt like summer today. I lazed under the big ceiling fan in our bedroom, blessing the Original Owners for installing it, and re-reading Under the Tuscan Sun. It recounts the low key adventures of two Bay Area professors who purchase an abandoned farmhouse in rural Italy and painstakingly restore it between sumptuously cooked meals in the heat. Just the right book for the weather.

I've had trouble finding reading material in the last months, because I've become unwilling to take risks with uncertain authors. Only a master will do, when the rest of my body is preoccupied with building a whole new being. I have no patience for new planets in peril or angst-ridden memoirs. That's resulted in a re-reading a lot of old favorites, and mixing in more non-fiction than usual.

"Tuscan Sun" has been a soothing read, because even though I am surrounded by still-packed boxes and haphazardly arranged living space, I'm not in the midst of replacing a flush-bucket toilet system, working with contractors who speak in dialects unknown to me, or trying to trim one hundred olive trees. I can enjoy the fruits of their labor vicariously and tackle much smaller projects, like finding summer clothes for the little dude.

My mom and I went shopping this afternoon, and it seemed like half the Carter's line featured Q's favorite friendly, fearsome toothy beasts. We took advantage of the half price sales and brought home an armful of shark-emblazoned items. I found one particularly perfect set of PJs that were decorated with not only a shark, but an assortment of octopi and cuddly crabs as well. Something for everyone.

Q at 8 months old.
Does every parent look at her child with amazement at his beauty? I cannot believe there is such pure, luminous glory in the world. Even when he cries tears of exhaustion on my shoulder, having been too excited to play, play, play with his grandfather all afternoon to nap, he radiates.

I feel like it took me a long time to come into my own as a mother. Now, there is no comparison to knowing that when I kneel down and hold him in my arms, he will be comforted by me, that he will feel better, just because I am there.

I only have one more email to send for work and then I am free, on leave for multiple weeks. I've had a few good days with my boy, baking muffins, reading stories. I've had a few good evenings with my husband, enjoying a fine dinner out and quiet time together. We have the baby's hammock ready, clean clothes for him to wear. I am at peace.


Mayberry said...

Yay for freedom and love and peace! Soon you'll have two gorgeous little ones to snuggle.

Karianna said...

Yes, yesterday was quite the day! We sat out on our porch and BBQed for the first time of the season.

Enjoy the leave... and the time with Q before there are two - and then enjoy that! :-)

K goose blog said...

enjoy the time. I love the pic of you and Q...

kittenpie said...

How nice to feel prepared. I took three weeks off ahead of time last time, and will take two this time, to do those last little things like laundry and putting on crib sheets and such. I'll be thinking of you...