Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Embarrassed to Admit It

Trashy magazines have really deteriorated in the last three years. Paying for gossip rags is something I can only justify when I've been in the hospital and can't focus on articles longer than one paragraph, so the last batch I read was at Q's birth. Since then? An explosion of new magazines, each with less content than the last. Us Weekly, OK, In Touch, People, so on and so forth.

"Stars are just like us!" screams Us Weekly. They get coffee. They forget their makeup. They park their cars. I'm not all that interested in whether Ben Affleck gets a mocha frappuccino every day or whether Angelina Jolie bought Cheetos for her children at 7-11. I like to see stars when they're on the red carpet, dressed to the nines, after a whole team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists have done their jobs. I already know what real life looks like – I see it every day.

My lack of reality star knowledge probably hurts too – why do Lauren and Lo hate each other? Or are they best friends and did Heidi betray them? Sadly, I don't really care. The most coherent articles of the bunch were from People, which at least had some nice photographs of the area outside where Beyonce and Jay-Z's alleged wedding took place. It's a sad day when you hold up People magazine as a standard of journalistic quality.

I think my brain is recovering enough to go back to reading books.


Damsel said...

ROFL b/c I identify with your "guilty pleasure"... :)

Keep nomming toes. Are they yummy? (Pardon me whilst I live vicariously through you for a bit -- and you're not alone. I have several friends IRL that have had babies recently. Soon, though, it shall be my turn!)

Mayberry said...

Yes -- People is the gold standard, I'm afraid.

I found I read a lot of books post-partum. But they had to be paperbacks, because I read while nursing.

Leeanthro said...

I read the last Harry Potter while nursing last summer. That is a very large, heavy book! I was so afraid I was going to damage the baby! It was difficult to balance, too.

But that was the only time I really had to read. I was falling asleep as soon as the 3yo was in bed last summer.

kittenpie said...

I don't know the reality stars either, so I miss a lot of it now, as they have taken over so much of it. It really has slipped, which is saying something!