Saturday, April 26, 2008

Animal Butts, On View for Our Children

When I was pregnant with Q, I embarked on a search for the perfect mobile to hang over his changing table. Three years later, here are the animals, cut loose from the mobile after repeated toddler tugging tore the fabric and it seemed best to turn them into regular playthings.

(Scene from last week: Q trots the alligator over to the giraffe.
My mother says, "Look, they are friends!"
Q replies instead, "Yum."
Well, that's probably more accurate anyway.)

I was quite proud of finding this mobile, because it was directionally well designed. For example, here's how the giraffe looked to adults standing near the mobile.

And here's how the giraffe looked when the baby looked upward at it. The ribbons were sewn so that the animal was angled for good viewing from the baby's perspective.
We'd seen so many snooty, trendy mobiles with two-dimensional pieces of art, which were nice for the parents.
But pretty useless from below.
For Swimmy, I found the perfect sealife cribware, but I did the shopping online and didn't see the mobile until it arrived. The octopus is mighty cute. Unfortunately, from below, the micro dude will just see an octopus butt. Oh well. We do our best, but sometimes, funny things happen.

Along that theme of animal rear ends, here's an excellent toy that just arrived from SwingDaddy's parents.

The other side of the peacock is black, white, and red- the high contrast colors that a newborn is able to see. So guess what! We're looking at a peacock's butt these days too.


Damsel said...

ROFL... Too funny. Wonder what google hits you'll receive from this one! :P

Nom on baby toes for me, would you? It's one of my favorite pastimes when there's a baby in the room... the toes are just SO cute!

Mayberry said...

You are so dedicated. Creating models just to photograph them for us!

Mamacita Tina said...

The bird from behind actually looks like a flower, not too bad.

I remember looking up from underneath the mobiles, trying to get the baby's perspective.

kittenpie said...

Guess what?

Peacock butt.

Leeanthro said...

Thanks for all the illustrations!

I think the Flensted mobiles are cool, but I see your point, good thing we didn't order one.

My daughter has a butterfly mobile that we bought at a local store that only sells products made by people in developing countries who profit from their sale. She still loves it almost 4 years later. It's now above her bed.

In a quest for the perfect mobile for our baby, we've come up short. We have a pirate/sea theme in his room. We bought the coolest pirate ship kite that we were going to hang and it was way too big when we put it together.

We are still searching! Baby 2 loves looking at the butterflies in kid #1's room.