Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Toy Stories

For years, Q has played with these stacking cups, a former toy of SwingDaddy’s younger brother. I found the four smallest cups in a dresser last weekend, stashed away as potential choking hazards, and we handed them over, figuring that if Q doesn’t get a chance to play with them now, he’ll have to wait until Swimmy is old enough to not put them in his mouth.

The little dude was delighted to see more cups, but what was the very first thing he did? Put one in his mouth. Great.

My parents brought some of my old toys on their last trip, including these Tipovers, which are superior to dominos for making patterns to trigger and tip. So much fun and so many memories! Q was fairly patient in letting me set up rows and waiting for the OK sign to knock them down, but I had to wait for his bedtime before I got to make any fancier patterns.

Q’s been loving the Twilight Turtle from SwingDaddy’s folks. It’s a plush creature with a hard shell that projects “stars” of varying colors on the ceiling of his darkened bedroom. He’s named it George, after a mail-deliverng turtle character from the Koala Brothers show. It’s the first time he’s so distinctly given a name to a toy.

The planetarium effect automatically turns off after half an hour, so that it functions as a night light without wasting batteries all night long. The first evening that Q went to sleep with George, I was reading in bed when I heard small footsteps approach. Q held the turtle out with both hands, disgruntled expression on his face. “It turned off.”

I had to explain that we could turn him on for one more round, but George needed to rest too.

He’s taken to calling another plush turtle toy “Baby George” and giving it turtle-back rides on the bigger fellow. I tried to take a picture of him holding the Georges, but he was only interested in his own photography, so this was the closest I could get.

George and Baby George, photo by Q.

Last night, when I put him to bed, he tucked George under his arm and turned on the star switch. I paused for a moment to look at my baby, pale blue stars glowing on his cheeks. Love you, sweetie.


Bob said...


Anonymous said...

We had those cups as kids! I think most of them ended up in the bath, though.

He is so cute - and getting so big!! :)

tali said...

Those cups were bath toys for me and my sister too - I haven't though of them in years! And George seems like a great night light. Very cool.

Christina said...

We have cups like those, and Cordy uses them as bath toys, too.

I wanted to get a Twilight Turtle for Cordy, but a lot of the reviews I read said that he doesn't work very well. Do you think the turtle does a good job of projecting the stars?

kittenpie said...

Wow that turtle looks really cool!

And everybody needs stacking cups. I had square ones as a kid.

Mamacita Tina said...

Aw, a lovey. Neither of my kids have named any toys yet.

George does sound like a great nighttime pal.