Monday, March 03, 2008

Thanks, Lucy

The cashier at the Stride Rite outlet totally made my day. Last weekend, I was getting Q a yet another larger pair of shoes, while wearing yoga pants and no makeup, feeling large and round. She asked the Question.

"Does anyone tell you that you look like Lucy Liu?"

I brightened up. Thank you! What any heavily pregnant woman needs to hear is that she looks like a Charlie's Angel.

Lucy's been doing a lot of press for her new TV show, Cashmere Mafia. Reviews haven't been terrific, but I hope it lasts long enough for me to catch it on the air.

A related tidbit: A few months ago, I was helping with product demonstrations at a company meeting, so I wanted to find a spot in the back of the room to keep an eye on audience reactions. I tucked myself next to the other staff, behind the camera line. The cameraman kept glancing over, so I asked if I was in his way. He said no, but asked the Question. Apparently, he worked had worked with her just prior to this project, so I've had my first "live" comparison.

Pardon the vanity today. If you saw how much space I take up now, you'd understand cheerful the shoe sale gal made me feel.


Mamacita Tina said...

Hello, Lucy!

Excellent. You may feel large, but I'm sure that your radiant pregnant self is all anybody sees.

YF said...

oh yeah, you do! i love it when i get any type of thing like that - it has been a while.... but, yes, i totally see the resemblance. I love it when i am wearing sweats and haven't showered and a stock dude from safeway makes eyes at me (that is what i settle for now). :-)

kittenpie said...

Umm yeah, they are totally right.
I've seen you in real life, and you're stunning, just like Lucy. Soak it up, lady!
I'm rather enjoying people telling me I look great, despite how crap I'm feeling. I jsut keep thinking, "Boy, when I get over the sick part, I'll be gorgy!"
I bet you look just fab.